Get your business back on track

with a free consultation and competitor analysis.

As the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns affect all businesses, we decided to help as we can. 

Right now that’s by offering our expertise for free so we can help with stabilizing your business.

Getting your business back on it’s feet has to be based on specific steps.

You shouldn’t waste your time, and we will help you not to do that. And yes, for completely free this time.


Specific steps, exact data, quick wins

You get an analysis of your organic competitors’ current, existing content and specific about the 10 best-performing pieces of content in your niche, which will help you to

  • Know which pieces of your content should be promoted to bring in more organic traffic (so you can get traffic without paying for ads)
  • Which can be optimized by just a few specific steps (which we provide) so you rank better in Google
  • What can you create that can bring you traffic, leads and customers in the shortest time frame possible, so you can strengthen your cashflow

Use the keywords that help you to center stage in your niche

By analyzing your competitors and niche trends we provide you with keywords and queries that are “low-hanging fruits”: with low competitions (=easy to rank for) and with significant relevant traffic (=enough visitors for it to worth targeting).

Meaning you can get visitors and customer fast, with minimal investment.

A step-by-step plan, custom-made for you

A personalized 10 step to-do list you can start on right after we get off the consultation.

You can just hand it to your marketer, copywriter, developer, and they will know what to do.

This is how we will do this.

You fill in the information in the form below.

  • Provide your URL, so we can have a look at your site, your existing content.
  • Provide 5 competitors’ URLs, so we can check their content.
  • Provide a name and email so we can get in touch with you right away.

After this, you get an email from us right away to double-check if the information is correct.

You will get an email from one of us personally in 1 day to set a date for the call.

What call, you ask?

The call itself will be a 1-hour consultation

which will be free in this offer - we usually charge $100-200 for it, depending on who participates on our side.

You will be talking to 2 of our top experts in SEO and inbound marketing and get personalized advice based on the data we find.

No BS, only specifics so you get a to-do list you can start working on right away and see the first results in weeks.

If your business is hit hard by COVID-19, let us help getting it back on it’s feet. We are in this together, we will get out of it together.

Who should apply?

Anyone with a website, but as per our experience, the data coming from this kind of competitor and content gap analysis is the most useful for ecommerce and SaaS companies.

Also, the info you gain should benefit you the best if you already have a blog, articles published or some other kind of content marketing strategy in place.

Request your free analysis

Please provide your contact information, your website URL (e.g. and the URLs of at least 3 competitors.

We will get in touch with you within 1 workday to set a date for presenting your analysis.

Yes, these are a lot of fields in a long form. If we are to do an effective analysis, this information is absolutely necessary for us to know.

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